Clipacore Boss Drill

The Boss drill is manufactured from the highest quality using German engineering standards and components. The Boss cuts through bricks, concrete blocks and much more consistently delivering high cutting performances with safety constantly in mind.


The unique quick release adaptor on the end of the drill allows fast interchangeable core bits without the need for tools when used with Clipacore core adaptors. The quick release extension bar supplied with every drill ensures most wall depths can be fully penetrated with ease.

Boss Drill Key Features

1. Clipacore Quick Release Drill Adaptor designed for interchangeable core bits

2. Variable Handle Adjustmenmt on Collar

3. Powerful 2 speed gear box, 1,000 RPM / 2,000 RPM

4. Electronic Soft Start Temprature Control and Current Cut-Off

5. Mechanical Safety Clutch

6. Available in 230v or 110v

7. Quick release extension bar (supplied)