SKU CODEDescriptionRRP (Ex VAT)
QCCAClipacore Core Adaptor£15.99
QCCADAClipacore Chuckaway Adaptor£13.99
QCCADAM18Clipacore Chuckaway Adaptor M18£15.99
QCCAEBClipacore Extension Bar£39.99
QCDAClipacore Drill Adaptor£13.99
QCDCClipacore Duocut Adaptor£21.99
QCDCCONClipacore Condensemate£73.97
QCDRILL10A Taper 10 x 225mm Pilot Drill£9.95
QCFMClipacore Fluemate£69.99
QCHEXClipacore Hex Driver Adaptor£24.99
QCKOTClipacore Knock Out Tool£13.99
QCPIN10A Taper 10mm Guide Pin£7.95
QCQRCClipacore Spare Clips 5 Pack£15.99
QCSDSClipacore SDS Drill Adaptor£26.99
QCSGClipacore Safety Gloves£19.95
QCTBD110VClipacore Boss Drill 110V£510.00
QCTBD230VClipacore Boss Drill 230V£510.00
QCXP22XPRESSCUT 22mm Dry Diamond Core Bit£39.99
QCXP28XPRESSCUT 28mm Dry Diamond Core Bit£45.99
QCXP42XPRESSCUT 42mm Dry Diamond Core Bit£47.99
QCXP52XPRESSCUT 52mm Dry Diamond Core Bit£49.99
QCXP65XPRESSCUT 65mm Dry Diamond Core Bit£53.99
QCXP78XPRESSCUT 78mm Dry Diamond Core Bit£54.99
QCXP112XPRESSCUT 112mm Dry Diamond Core Bit£65.99
QCXP117XPRESSCUT 117mm Dry Diamond Core Bit£68.99
QCXP127XPRESSCUT 127mm Dry Diamond Core Bit£69.99
QCXP152XPRESSCUT 152mm Dry Diamond Core Bit£79.99
QCXPPXpresscut Pro£329.99
QCCADAKITClipacore 1/2" 20 UNF Extension Kit£44.99
QCHEXKITClipacore Hex Driver Extension Kit£55.99
QCSDSKITClipacore SDS Driver Extension Kit£57.99
QCCADAM18KITClipacore Chuckaway M18 Extension Kit£46.99

Clipacore supplies all their products to merchants directly and through selected distribution partners. Consequently merchants prices may vary from store to store at their own discretion. Please refer to our stockist page and contact your local stockist quoting the relevant part numbers provided.


Should any of our products not show up on their systems, all products can still be ordered via special request (carriage charges may apply for small order quantities). £9.99 plus vat for the boss drill (230V & 110V) and Xpresscut Pro case kit. £6.99 plus vat for all other products.